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10 Ways To Focus On Studies

Is it hard for you to focus on studies because your mind starts to wonder every time you sit down with your textbook? What did Mom make for lunch, or who just liked your latest Instagram post? Having studied for a painfully long time over the years, I have gathered my special ways to ensure that I don’t get distracted and keep all my focus on my studies. I can now study for long hours, and it has a large impact on my grades and my parent’s happiness. Here are my top 10 ways to focus on studies

Best 10 ways to focus on studies

Find that special place.

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It would be best to create a spot or corner in your house for you to study in. It should preferably be a study table, but a sofa or the floor should be fine. Try to avoid the bed at all costs, for studying there can make you fall asleep. In this spot, keep all your study materials and stationery ready for a good study session. When you force your brain to think of this one spot as your study station, you will find that just sitting in that same place will focus your brain when you are feeling unmotivated.

Take breaks.

To study for long hours, it is imperative to take breaks. The human brain cannot function at its best capacity for long periods without a pause. The best method to follow is 50 minutes of intense studying followed by a 10-minute break. Breaks refresh your mind and allow you to absorb information faster and in a more effective manner. However, try to avoid unproductive breaks, like TV or your phone. Make smart choices and instead take a short walk in your working space or a moment to take in the fresh air on the balcony.

Make a timetable.

Making a timetable will allow you to manage your time and finish all your work before the deadline. It is one of the things that students struggle with the most. If you balance your study time and free time, you will score well and enjoy a healthy social life. You should make a weekly timetable which allots 3-4 hours of studying daily although this differs from person to person depending on their burden. Also, make sure to make a daily to-do list that will state the topics and subjects you must cover on that day.

Remember your goals.

Reminding yourself of what you’re working so hard for will keep you motivated and stop you from giving up midway through your study session. You can make a vision board or stick motivational quotes in your study corner, which recharge you. Your goals can vary, and some common motivators are money, your dream job, and making your parents proud.

Steer clear of distractions.

When you are studying, put your distractions far away from you, and if possible, even in a different room. This can be your phone, your favorite book, or your laptop. There are many free apps available which stop you from using your phone for the time limit set by you. Forest is an app that allows you to grow a tree if you meet your study goals for that day. For Google users, an extension called StayFocusd is a very useful website that restricts the amount of time you spend online.

Make notes in class.

Making notes in class is imperative to improve your scores because it shrinks the bulk of importation you have to study to only the most important points. Making notes in class will also result in you paying more attention to the professor and will allow you to remember what topics are important for tests and exams. You can then focus on these topics more in your self-study time. Studying from handwritten notes is more interesting and allows you to retain more facts in a fun way. Use your imagination and creativity to make your notes as interactive as possible.

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Always have a snack.

Keep some food and a glass of water next to you when you sit down to study. Try to ensure that it is a nutritious snack like cucumbers, fruits, or nuts, for this is a regular activity and junk food will harm you. Keeping unhealthy food like chips and soda will make you tired, thereby decreasing your productivity. Ensure that you do not consume too much coffee or energy drinks, for they will keep you up at night, and rest is necessary for remembering information. Research has shown us that blueberries, fish, squash, and dark chocolate are foods that can help you focus. Studying with these items at arm’s length reduces trips to the kitchen and wandering around your house, which can greatly impact your study time.

Get enough sleep.

It is a well-known fact that sufficient sleep is very important for a healthy mind and body. If you want to focus on your studies, you must get 7-8 hours of sleep daily. This will help you remember more for longer periods. If you are too tired, you will not study well and will essentially waste the entire day. The simple solution to this is to get the sleep you need. This can vary from person to person. You must also keep in mind to not overdo this step. Never excuse laziness, and make sure you grind for only hard work leads to success. Change up your study resources.
Studying from the same method can be very monotonous and boring. Instead of only studying from your textbook, you can use a variety of different methods which will help you study better. On important points, you can make flashcards by using websites like cram or Quizlet. You can give quizzes on the topics you study to retain the material for a longer time. You can do extra reading like research papers or case studies. The internet is the most convenient resource available to us, and we should make good use of it.

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Rewards for your work.

If you need some motivator other than good marks, you can start rewarding yourself every time you study hard or do well in school. You can buy some new clothes, get some ice cream or spend a day out with friends. However, this has financial aspects so you can share this idea with your parents. If they agree to incentivize you to study and do well, you better sit down on that desk and make them proud.

Studying is a long, difficult journey that may have a sweet or harsh result. However, you will find that it gets easier when you develop the right way of studying with the correct strategy and a lot of dedication. The above tips will help you focus in studies and improve your grades. Remember to work very hard, for only hard work leads to success. Also, maintain a healthy work-life balance to prevent burnouts and function at optimum productivity.



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