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8 Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Putting On Makeup In Winter

The cold chilly months of this year have arrived and we’re all gearing up to attend the wildest events and parties of the year. These occasions range from Christmas to New Years or just small meetings you might have to attend. It is of utmost importance that you look your best during this time. The cold shouldn’t affect your makeup or the way it ends up looking. I’m here to stop you from making some disastrous mistakes during your makeup routine so you can appear stunning all winter long.

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Here are the top 8 mistakes you must avoid while putting on makeup in winter:

1. Skipping the primer

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The winters are extremely harsh on your skin and tend to dry it out. Make sure you prep the base before you start your makeup routine. Use a good quality moisturizer, which will give you a smooth start. Usually we tend to skip the primer out of laziness or unavailability but do not make this error in the winters. No primer will make your finished makeup look appear chalky and powdery. Use a hydrating primer with safe and hypoallergenic ingredients.

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2. No sunscreen

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A lot of people might reason that sun protection is not required in the winter months. However this is completely untrue because harsh UV radiations reach the Earth’s surface all year around. You need protection from these irrespective of the season or the temperature. UV rays can cause skin cancer, wrinkles and premature ageing. So if you want to look your best, use a sunscreen with a suitable SPF. I recommend a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above.

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3. Using a brush for foundation

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For foundation replace your makeup brushes with a clean, new makeup sponge. This is to prevent blotchy makeup, which will look messy in the cold. The makeup sponge will allow you to apply a smooth, thin coat of foundation so you can get a soft dewy look. You can purchase makeup sponges in various shapes and colors according to your comfort. They are very cheap and you get one from the dollar store or amazon.

4. Applying too much bronzer

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Bronzer might be an essential part of your makeup routine usually, because you really like the tanned, healthy glow it gives you. Bronzer makes your cheek bones pop and highlights the structure of your face. However you should be stingy with this makeup product during winter. Skin usually turns a shade paler in the cold and bronzer contrasts heavily with this, to the point where it can ruin your whole makeup look.

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5. Not using waterproof makeup

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You might be tempted to not use waterproof makeup in the winter months since its cost efficient or convenient. You surely won’t sweat it off in the cold but there’s a multitude of reasons why you should still pick the waterproof options. In winter, the scarves and jackets can easily smudge the makeup on your face. Moreover, any moisture in the air can make your makeup bleed.

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6. Using a lot of powder

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Ensure that you do not go overboard with the translucent powder on your face because it makes your skin flaky. Your skin will look drier because of the combination of powder and the cold in the atmosphere. Only apply small amounts of powder on the oily regions on your face like your nose, your T-zone and your forehead.

7. Avoiding lip balms

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Give preference to lip balms and lip masks over colorful lipsticks. Or at the very least, combine the two. If you don’t use hydrating lip balms with essential oils, your lips will become dry and chapped. This is not an attractive look on anyone. Using the lip balm as a base is extremely important for full, glossy lips.

8. Underestimating the effect of the cold on your makeup regime

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You must understand the harsh effects that the cold winter months can have on your skin and the products. Do not take this lightly and buy new cold-friendly products. Dry looking skin will spoil your entire appearance. During winter, wax-based products might harden and creams might become thicker or slippery.

At the end of the day avoiding these mistakes will give you a more youthful glow. It is very easy to overlook the changes that winter brings but I hope this post has modified your mindset on makeup in the winter season. Always carry a lotion and a lip balm with your for hydrating your skin and lips respectively. Use appropriate skin care products along with the makeup. Ultimately the goal is to not only look your best but feel beautiful and comfortable.

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