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What is My Neighbor Alice coin and How does it work?

You all might have heard names of different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), etc. These all are digital currencies that you can trade in. My Neighbor Alice is a similar kind of cryptocurrency, but it is a blockchain-based gaming coin. In the present scenario, as the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day, we get to hear the names of many undiscovered cryptocurrencies. Alice coin is one among them. My Neighbor Alice came to light when recently its value reached the heights. It is a virtual gaming coin. The players in this game will be able to buy plots, land, and assets with the help of these coins in-game. The primary target audience of this game is the vast majority of the gaming community that will become interested in blockchain after being introduced to this game.

My neighbor Alice dashboard image
my neighbor Alice dashboard image

What is My neighbor Alice cryptocurrency, price, how to buy My Neighbor Alice Coin, caution?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game. The players can buy and own different virtual assets such as plots, land, and many more with the help of Alice Tokens. This game also allows users can meet up with new friends.

What is Alice coin?

My Neighbor Alice coin also popularly known as Alice tokens, is digital virtual currencies in the game used for buying different assets in the game. These tokens can be used to play, invest as a part of the game.

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How to use Alice Tokens in game?

Alice tokens are the virtual native currency of the game. The different token functionalities are given below:

Purchase Game Items:- Alice tokens can be used to purchase in-game assets such as land and personal items such as cosmetics and dresses for the Avatar.

Play to earn Alice Tokens: Users can also win these tokens by playing the game, which will be used in the future to buy assets. As stated above Alice tokens are the virtual currency of the game My Neighbour Alice\

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How does My Neighbor Alice work?

This game works on chromium blockchain in combination with the unity game engine. The game has its own currency Alice Token which is used to initiate transactions between the two users in order to sell and buy land and property in the game and decorate the landmass purchased with different assets.

The assets above comprise different things such as houses and animals and will be used to decorate the purchased land and islands. These all are represented as NFTs. The users will be able to buy and sell these things on various marketplaces. Remember that marketplace here does not mean only the marketplace of Alice but the users will also be able to sell them outside this on various other platforms such as Binance, Wazirx, and various other gaming platforms such as Steam.

My Neighbor Alice.

Ways how to play My Neighbor Alice ?

The process and gameplay of Alice are pretty simple and easy to understand. As we all know from the article above, my neighbor Alice is a straightforward game where one can purchase land and build their own houses and assets. If the users want, they can also create these assets and sell them. This game also allows users to sell their assets either directly on its marketplace or opt for supported crypto exchanges such as Binance or other gaming platforms.

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What is My Neighbour Alice?

My Neighbour Alice is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency game. Where the users can buy the plots and create their own assets virtually. It also allows users to meet with new friends.

When was My Neighbour Alice launched?

It was launched on Feb 1, 2021.

Can I play My Neighbour Alice on telegram?

Yes, you can play My Neighbour Alice on telegram.

Who developed My Neighbour Alice?

Antler Interactive developed My Neighbour Alice.

What is the logo of My Neighbour Alice Token?

The logo of My Neighbour Alice Token is Flower.

Is it safe to invest in Alice Token?

It’s your personal opinion whether you want to invest in Alice coin or not. But please research properly and look for the ups and downs of the market before investing. Please gather all the necessary knowledge before investing.

Is Alice a good coin to invest?

Cryptocurrencies mostly work on the Blockchain system. Cryptocurrencies are said to be one of the volatile assets in the world, where the loss of up to 10% is considered to be normal. Before investing in any cryptocurrency make sure to have proper knowledge of its projects and various other aspects such as Market Cap, Supply, rank, etc. Don’t put your entire lifesaving into it. Trade with your knowledge not with your emotions



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