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Apple offers daily cash of $10 for adding new family Members to Apple Card

Apple, on November 4th, has sent an email to its existing Apple Card owners encouraging them to sign up for a family membership plan using the Apple card family feature. Apple has also added that they will receive $10 in their daily cash when transacting for the first time. What the Apple card family offer is and how to avail it. We will be talking about this in the article below.

What is Apple Card?

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Apple card was released previously in August 2019. It is a credit card linked with Apple Pay. Like other credit cards, it can be used as a card for all your daily transactions without any hindrance.

What is the Apple card family features?

The Apple card family feature lets you share your Apple account with your family members as well. You can make one of your family members co-owners and add up to 4 participants. Anyone in your family of age 13 or above can be selected as a participant and has a fixed limit for daily transactions.

What is the role of Co-owner in the Apple family card?

The co-owner of the Apple card has almost the same right as that of the owner of the Apple card. Both the Owners and the co-owners can manage the Apple Card and can share a combined credit ceiling. The co-owner is said to be the joint cardholder.

What is the Apple Card family Offer in 2021?

According to this offer, new users who will join the Apple card family till November 30th, 2021 will receive a cashback of $10 in their Daily Cash. The benefit will only be given to users if they make their first purchase with the Apple card within 30 days of Signing up.
To know more about the Apple card family offer, visit their official website.



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