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Apple Releases watchOS 8.1.1 With Fix for Apple Watch Series 7 Charging Issue

Apple has just rolled an update, watchOS 8.1.1, to fix Apple watch series 7 charging issues.

According to apple, there have been complaints on the smartwatch of not charging as expected. So, this update was made specifically to address the issue.

While we’ve not heard any widespread complaint or issue on the charging issue relating to the Apple watch series 7. We think it should be a relatively slow charging speed.

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The update was made on the 25th of October and it’s now available and can be seen via OTA in the watch app.

As speculated, there are not many features added to this update, since Apple had already made an update earlier this month. 

The previous update, watchOS 8.1, added an improved detection algorithm to detect falls, COVID- 19 vaccination card from Apple wallet to easily present information on vaccination, fitness+ which would allow up to 30 people to workout via facetime amongst many other interesting features. Since the watchOS 8.1 update was made to be compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and others, we expect watchOS 8.1.1 to follow suit.

However, watchOS 8.1.1 has no known added feature exempting the fix for the charging issues.

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How To Install watchOS 8.1.1 to Apple watch series 7 

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watchOS 8.1.1 update, as per course, is totally free and can be performed by navigating to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Then head over to General > Software Update and then follow the necessary instructions.

However, it’s worth noting that your charger should be connected to the smartwatch, as the update begins. Also, make sure the watch battery life is not below 50% and avoid moving your iPhone out of the range of the watch.

The caveat is that, since the watchOS 8.1.1 was made solely to fix the charging problem on Apple watch series 7, there’s no assurance watchOS 8.1.1 would be available for other Apple smartwatches. 

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