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Avoid These 10 Bad Beauty Advices For The Sake Of Your Skin

There are so many skin care tips available in the world today at the click of a button. These can be provided by anyone online, which means that some of them aren’t completely accurate. The bad beauty advices can harm your skin and cause permanent damage. Always make sure you do your due diligence in terms of research work when you find skincare tips online. Here are ten bad beauty advice that you might already be performing and need to stop asap to save your skin.

Avoid These 10 Bad Beauty Advices For The Sake Of Your Skin-

1. Tanning daily for Vitamin D

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Carelessly spending hours in direct sunlight can be very harmful to your skin. Although you will get enough Vitamin D, the sun’s rays can have several adverse effects on your body. The UV rays are responsible for causing skin cancers, wrinkles, and ageing. There are more suitable and appropriate ways to obtain Vitamin D, which should be discussed with a licensed medical professional. You should always make sure to cover yourself and use sunscreen when you plan on spending time under the sun.

2. Popping a pimple is a quick fix

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Most women will agree that zits appear on the worst possible days and leave them clueless on what to do next. Popping it is a big mistake because it can lead to permanent scarring and a painful infection. If the pimples have come to a white head then they are safe to extract, but you should avoid it at home. Whenever you want to extract a pimple, make sure you visit a trained aesthetician who knows what they are doing.

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3. Facial exercises can help get rid of wrinkles

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This is an untrue myth with no factual basis that a lot of people fall for. Facial exercises cannot fix wrinkles since they are a natural process of ageing. There are a lot of exercise regimens that can be found online that claim to help you lose forehead or cheek wrinkles but one mustn’t fall prey to them. If you keep doing these exercises, chances are that you might develop more wrinkles or exaggerate their appearance. The only way to reduce their appearance is certain expensive plastic surgery treatments like botox and fillers.

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4. Moisturizers don’t work like they are supposed to

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Moisturizers are extremely hydrating for your skin and keep it healthy and glowing. Some people choose to skip this step in their skincare routine because they believe it doesn’t have any effect on them and their skin remains dry. The main reason for this is the build-up of dead skin cell layers because of ageing and excessive sun exposure. You need to remove them before the moisturizer can penetrate your skin and have the desired effect. A good quality exfoliator and a cream-based moisturizer will be your best friends for soft skin.

5. The food you eat is completely unrelated to your acne

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Scientists have found out that the food you eat is related to your breakouts. A diet high in dairy and sugar can cause acne and pimples. This is very relative from individual to individual and no two people are affected exactly the same way by the same item. Some people might not get any acne after eating a brownie, a slice of cake and chocolate, while some others might wake up the next day with a big zit on their forehead and chin.

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6. Washing your face and excessive scrubbing can help lighten blemishes

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Another one of the famous bad beauty advices is using mechanical force and soap to get rid of dark spots. The main reason for dark spots and blemishes is inflammation because of sunlight. These can only be improved by using appropriate creams to lighten blemishes and by using sunscreen for protection. Scrubbing can actually increase the pigmentation and make the situation worse.

7. All red bumps on your face are acne

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There is another common skin condition called Rosacea, which looks pretty similar to acne. It is important to distinguish between the two conditions so you can treat them appropriately. Acne commonly occurs in the teen years while Rosacea occurs after the age of 30. Acne appears not only on the face but also on the body and arms, and a large number of blackheads are also seen. On the other hand, Rosacea doesn’t show these features. If you want to treat your skin condition, visit a licensed dermatologist.

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8. Only spots that are raised can be skin cancer

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This is not only one of the bad beauty advices, but a very serious health concern. Please do not live under this misconception. Although advanced melanomas are raised above the skin surface, in the early stages, the melanomas are flat. There might beth some raised spots with no indication of cancer, so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Attend your scheduled doctor’s appointments at appropriate regular intervals so that they can make sure everything is okay!

9. You need to wash oily skin more often

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You should wash your face twice daily. If you wash it more often because it is oily, your skin dries out and your face naturally produces more oil. Instead of increasing the frequency of washes, use a good-quality soft brush. This will help your cleanser work better and strip the oil clogging your pores. Make sure it is a soft brush, which is gentle on your skin because hard bristles can cause acne.

10. You need to take special vitamins for healthy skin

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There are a lot of vitamins that you can purchase in the market which claim to improve your skin and hair. However, research has proved that a well-balanced diet is far better than any commercially produced vitamin. Do not fall prey to the flashy advertisements of these million-dollar enterprises. Try to eat healthy meals with carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats. Avoid highly processed foods and vitamins, for some research, shows that vitamins directly harm you.

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These are the bad beauty advices that we need to stop performing just because of age-old myths. It is high time we realize what is good for us and what is actually harming our skin and body. When you are in doubt stay away from the internet and visit a doctor. Take care of your skin and make sure you are glowing always!

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