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75% keyboards are one of the most emerging categories of laptops in today’s world that offers almost all of those features that a normal tenkeyless keyboard offers. But the highlight is that they are even smaller, portable, and are mainly focused upon their ergonomics. Some of them are even much aesthetic in it looks that you may surely go for 75 keyboards. If a person can use a keyboard without the dedicated number keys then the 75 keyboard is the best one for you. 

In this article, I’m going to show you the best 75% keyboard specifically for gaming in 2021. After having a brief read of this article, you will be able to choose the best 75 keyboard that suits you according to your requirements.


Glorius GMMK Pro

Image Credit pcgamingrace

The GMMK Pro is one of the handsome-looking 75 keyboards. This 75% layout keyboard is specifically built for gamers, enthusiasts, and computer professionals. This 75 keyboard has a compact tenkeyless configuration that includes 83 keys. This 75 keyboard is an Aluminum built keyboard, so we can say that the build quality hasn’t been compromised. The RGB backlights offer you a colorful experience while having use in the night. Slightly on the expensive side, but Overall this 75 keyboard can be the best of choices for you.

Keychron K2

Image Credit Keychron

The Keychron K2 mainly focused on ergonomics rather than its aesthetics, is one of the most value for money offering 75 keyboards in the gaming segment. Yeah, It lacks the RGB backlights with an aluminum frame like the GMMK Pro, but it assures you the best gaming experience comparatively at a lower price. The keyboard looks like an oldie one but does almost all of those jobs that a 75 keyboard must perform. The plastic build of this 75 keyboard may not look upmarket, but it offers you a great deal when compared with the rest. 

Keychron K3

Image Credit Keychron

The sibling of Keychron K2, The K3, is even lighter and more portable as compared to its predecessor. It’s almost perfectly similar to the K2 but this time the company had mainly worked on its aesthetics. This 75 keyboard offers you a snappy-lappy feel that will make you a fan of K3. It certainly gives a laptop-like experience as it uses rare low-profile optical-mechanical switches, that have a choice of clicky, tactile, or linear options. It’s also one of the Mac-friendly keyboards like the K2 with both Mac as well as Windows keycaps available. Overall, the K3 is an aesthetic upgrade over the K2 which certainly looks upmarket and offers you a better value.

Vissles V84 (2.0)

Image Credit Vissles

The V84 is a simple, classy, and minimalistic 75 keyboard that has almost all of those features of a 75% keyboard at a much affordable price. The classy and minimalistic layout of this keyboard and the white-on-black color combination just attract you towards this 75% keyboard. The soft and linear switches on this keyboard are highly suited for gamers as it doesn’t tire your sensitive fingers. The V84 also possesses Bluetooth functionality as well as a functional software suite for adjusting RGB lighting. This 75 keyboard may look upmarket but its price may not justify it. Still, I can say that the V84 can be a useful consideration for gamers. 

Epomaker AK84S

Image Credit epomaker

The AK84S comes in multiple guises which looks pretty well for these 75% keyboards. These keyboards are designed from transparent acrylic and vibrant silicon-topped keycaps that offer the user a soft and sensitive feel as well as a classy look. It comes with hot-swappable Gateron and chocolate mechanical switches which also offer RGB backlights. The keyboard has a 75% compact layout, as usual, uses PBT or double shot abs keycaps, and is fully programmable. The build quality is not so bad as it uses an aluminum frame as a base and the switches are of plastic. Overall, this 75% keyboard is a great value for money for the users.

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Niz Plum Micro84

Image Credit nizkeyboard

The plum Micro84 has all of those features that should be present in a 75 keyboard but it adds a unique feature to its table. The electro-capacitive switches in addition to the soft feel of the rubber dome 75% keyboards add to the reliability, precision, and durability of this 75% keyboard. This Bluetooth 75 keyboard can also be used wired and also has a large number of RGB backlighting options from none to full. It looks like a classy, minimalistic keyboard but is one of the most feature-rich keyboards in the entire gaming segment. The switches are well organized, but numerous controls for each keycap make it slightly a busy-looking keyboard. The feature-rich Plum Micro84 is a good option for gaming as well as typing but the price may not justify its presence.

VortexGear Race3

The Race3 is overall a good 75 mechanical keyboard. The vortex 75% keyboard is among the best keyboards today and has a wide variety of Cherry MX Switches, which assist you to pick the one that best suits you. The keys offer a linear design which makes them comfortable to type on. The Brown Switch provides a smooth typing experience. But the vortex 75% keyboard’s ergonomics isn’t as ideal as it should be. This 75 keyboard only offers one incline level, which can only be adjusted by screwing in more feet. The vortex 75 keyboard is uniquely designed as it comes with a TKL 75% configuration. The vortex 75 keyboard is plastic built, so you may feel as if the build quality has been compromised. Prices may vary according to the color combinations. 


The KC84 is an 84 key hot-swappable wired 75 mechanical keyboard and is one of the best 75% keyboards available in the market. Due to its feature-rich qualities, it is largely used by a large number of people. The KC84’s hot-swappable gateron control can be swapped with another hot-swap control, without soldering. The keyboard is easily customizable as the switches can be swapped to receive a unique tactile sensation. Apart from that, the RGB effects, huge lighting effects as well as macro settings are easily configurable with the controller. The KC84 comes with a USB TYPE-C cable, so there may not be any compatibility issues and hence it is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

DREVO Gramr84

The Gramr84 is specifically is a gamer-centric 75% keyboard with a compact design of 84 keys. The ABS double-shot keycaps with high-quality material restrict the key legends from being faded. It has a dedicated game mode with N-key rollover that assists you to use spells much more quickly and precisely and thus this 75 keyboard is professional equipment for the so-called pro-gamers. The multifunctioning RGB backlights make this 75 keyboard aesthetically appealing to its customers. The Plastic build quality and lack of wireless options may be a blow for this 75 keyboard. But overall the Gramr84 is a great value for money. 


The K80 is a tenkeyless mechanical gaming 75% keyboard. This 75 keyboard has an 89 keys TKL configuration and its ultra-portable compact tenkeyless design leaves up quite a good amount of space for mouse movement. The Linear and Cherry MX Red equivalent Quiet Red switches guarantee you a smooth, consistent, and lightning-fast typing experience. This 75 keyboard with an N-key rollover assures you a snappy and ultimate gaming experience. The 21 multiple RGB backlit modes make this 75 keyboard aesthetically appealing to its customers. This keyboard is compatible with Windows as well as macOS. Overall, this 75 keyboard offers you great value for money. 


All of these keyboards mentioned above offer great value for money. In my opinion, I would go with that 75% keyboards which are having USB TYPE-C connectivity. RGB backlighting is a highlight in every keyboard except the Keychron K2. But specifically, gamers should go with DREVO Gramr84 or the NPET K80. The Keychron K3 as well as the VortexGear Race 3 are also good value for money options.

Personally, NPET K80 would be a greater value of money overall as it offers all the basic features of a 75 keyboard at a much more affordable price. Yeah, it may lack some of the features but I would go for it. Apart from this, all the keyboards mentioned are unique to themselves, and choosing any of them won’t make you feel disappointed.  



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