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Best gaming mouse under 1000 in India

In this competitive world, new careers evolve each passing day, which are exciting and make you earn a lot. One of the new careers is coming to light is Gaming. No, now it’s not just a reminder of your childhood memories or a method of entertainment anymore but has reached the level of being a profession for many youngsters. It has become a chance for you to earn money without being bored and tired of your work pressure. I guess it’s impressive to work for anyone to do; well, it is. But to experience the game entirely, you need each device to work. For today I will be telling you about the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India.

A better mouse always enhances the experience of playing your favorite game. And gaming mouse is designed to provide you comfort while playing as they have a better sensor, are responsive, and are designed to comfort your palm, but more of that, it is likely to live longer than a regular mouse. Investing in a gaming mouse is worth it because of its sensitivity, durability and is also optimized for its gaming performance; before buying anything, we always do plenty of research to be sure that the product we are buying is worth buying and are not wasting money on any kind. So as we buy a mouse we are buying comfort for our palm. We should be double sure with our choice. I would be providing you with ample knowledge to make a perfect choice by buying the best gaming mouse under 1000

Ant Esports GM200W Mouse

Ant Esports is the company introduced in India in 2016 to provide you complete gaming experience. The mouse provides you with seven buttons and a hyper-fast scroll wheel. With its reliable quality, it satisfies the need of each gamer. A flawless gaming experience will be a better choice with an adjustable DPI, backlight, and advanced chips. It has a good life span with these many qualities. You would think the mouse would be expensive, but it is just for ₹ 499, which is worth buying a gaming mouse under 1000 with its quality and price included.

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Dragonwar Levithan ELE-G1 Gaming laser mouse

 Dragonwar is a company known for manufacturing gaming accessories. All its products are designed to enhance the skill of the gamer. If we talk about the Dragonwar Levithan ELE-G1 Gaming laser mouse, which is budget-friendly as the average cost is ₹ 599. The mouse has five control buttons with a laser sensor. The DPI level of the mouse is satisfactory. Those who prefer buying a wired mouse can choose it as the cable length of the mouse is excellent.

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True case 3200 DPI

True case 3200 DPI is the most excellent wired gaming mouse under 1000. The mouse is pretty good-looking as well as comfortable enough with just ₹ 599. The mouse can be adjusted up to 1000- 3200 DPI and has 15 g acceleration and an Avago Omron microswitch. It is compatible with window XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS.



MFTEK Tag 3 is a competitive gaming mouse. The mouse surface has a unique anti-slip and anti-sweat texture for a solid and comfortable grip for longer games sessions. It has seven control buttons, which works effortlessly. With the excellent design and the grip, it’s just for ₹ 499.


ABOTEK WARHAMMER GX950 mouse has excellent connectivity with a higher DPI resolution of 5400. The mouse buttons are fast and smooth in touch. It has a robust sensor that helps you play smoothly and comfortably. You can purchase it just for ₹ 689.

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Redragon Centrophorus M601

Redragon Centrophorus M601 is a wired gaming mouse under 100 with side buttons. It has up to 7200 dpi adjustments, which provides you supreme performance with its two side buttons and a long cabled wire. The mouse is not too expensive nor too cheap. You can buy it online for ₹ 774.

Redgear X12 Pro RGB gaming mouse

Its fully Rgb customization provides him with the premium design in a gaming mouse and makes it unique. The mouse has six buttons and has a 1600 dpi optical sensor. The thumb buttons are easy and comfortable to use. You can purchase it online for a price of ₹ 889.

Logitech G90

Well, Logitech is the company name we all are aware of. Logitech G90 is a gaming mouse with a decent resolution of 2500 dpi and works four times faster than the standard mouse. Its working power is up to 4 hours. Moreover, its lightweight makes it a choice to buy it with a cost of ₹ 890.

Marvo Optical gaming mouse

Well, Marvo optical gaming mouse is a classic example of a gaming mouse. It has a resolution of 2400 dpi and wired connectivity, which is suitable for rough and tough usage. This wired optical gaming mouse works pretty well on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac Os. It’s a budget-friendly mouse which costs just ₹ 599.

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Xmate Zorro pro gaming mouse

Xmate Zorro pro is the best wireless gaming mouse under 1000 in India. The transmission distance can reach up to 10 meters, with seven adjustable levels after the change of DPI. Its adjustment can give you extra pleasure when you play. The mouse has a rechargeable 600mAh lithium battery. You can quickly get the mouse online for ₹ 799.

These were all the budget-friendly gaming mouse for my gamer friends, which offers an amazing feature at a meager cost and is worth buying. After knowing each one’s qualities, you can take a calculative decision of buying the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India.




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