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7 Hairstyles You Need To Steal From Katy Perry To Compliment Your Cool Girl Personality

Katy Perry is a name that has been around for decades. She’s an inspiration to teenage girls and a femme fatale for men all over the world. Her music brings joy and light into the lives of people and she rightfully holds a crown as the ‘Queen of Pop’. She has had a wide range of hairstyles during her career.

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Today we will take a look at Katy Perry’s ever-changing hairstyles in all their glory. Katy has tried all the hairstyles possible, ranging from a choppy bob to long hair. She has also dyed her hair a variety of bright colors. Some popular signature hair colors that made it to her music videos and award shows include a bright blue and a bubblegum pink.

After spending the whole of 2020 as a glamorous blonde, Katy Perry has colored her hair back to a raven black. The hairstyles and colors make her look just a little like Amy Winehouse, another music legend. If you want to change your look but don’t know what to go with, maybe you should take some hair inspo from Katy Perry and get creative!

Here are 7 Hairstyles You Need To Steal From Katy Perry –

1. Black long locks

This look has an Amy Winehouse feel to it because of the hair cut and its length. Black is Katy Perry’s signature (and natural) hair color and it suits her beautifully. It compliments her blue eyes and is a very smart choice for this pop singer. She has left her blonde hair back in 2020, and has picked this simple and elegant look for this year.

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2. Blonde

Katy Perry’s blonde moment was an iconic one for sure. It was definitely a goddess look, which left all her fans in awe and amazement. “If you don’t love me at my pixie cut then you don’t deserve me at my Goddess glow,” Perry wrote as an Instagram caption. She is referring to a pixie cut she had in 2018 and 2019. To be totally honest, she still had her goddess glow back then!

3. A Choppy Bob

This cute little bob look of hers was definitely special. Short hair is always a hard decision to make because it doesn’t always suit everyone. Katy Perry yet again proves that she can pull of any type of hair, long or short, black or blonde. It is one of the cutest hairstyles

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4. Pink Dream

Katy Perry has also been photographed with gorgeous shoulder-length pink hair. This beautiful bubblegum color has a variety of hues of light and dark pinks. It brings out her features and highlights her cheekbones. I highly recommend this lovely hair color for someone who is adventurous and knows how to really go all the way with it.

5. Ice Blonde Pixie Cut

This is when Katy dared to go really short and dyed it an icy blonde. For some reason, even this suits her perfectly. She wore this look with a pair of sunglasses at the ‘Good Morning America’ set in New York. Most women are too shy or too anxious to even think about a pixie cut, but this really shows us that an out of the box idea isn’t always bad. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, go for it, and keep Katy Perry firmly rooted in your mind.

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6. Buzz cut

Katy didn’t stop at the pixie cut. She went even shorter for a blonde buzz cut. This added a little bit of a boyish vibe to her look and uplifted it to the next level. Her buzz cut was inspired by Agyness Deyn, but since she has inspired many buzz cuts across the world.

7. Green

Green hair dye scares even the most experienced hair stylists and those who like to color their hair regularly. But Katy Perry colored her hair a green and everyone turned green with envy. It suited her very well, which green isn’t famous for. Quite the opposite really. She colored her hair slime green in 2014 and showed it off on Instagram. The caption said, ‘SLIME GREEN FOR SPRING by my bb’s @neeenaboo & @brantmayfield at the @mcmillansalon.’

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All of these transformations of the pop singer have had a lasting impact on her followers and changed the way we think about hair. She has proven time and time again that you do not have to have the same boring hairstyle or color for your entire life. It is a temporary thing, which you can change as and when you please. Don’t be afraid to go all out and experiment because a small change to your hair can change your whole look. You will feel like a whole new person and possibly even a better version of yourself. So don’t be afraid of what other people think and of what they might think of you. Best of luck!



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