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How to Get old WhatsApp chats on a new Android phone without Google drive backup

Here’s a quick guide to transfer WhatsApp data and chats from an old phone to a new one without using Google Drive.

Over the years, WhatsApp has grown from being a mere messaging app to a package 90% of its users can’t do without.

Just think of it, out of 7.9 billion people in the world, Whatsapp has a share of 2 billion users. 

Impressive right?!

That’s not even all, WhatsApp is the most used mobile messaging app worldwide, worldwide, outranking Telegram, QQ, WeChat, and even Facebook messenger

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Every day, Billions and Billions of messages are sent on this platform, but there has always been one major problem most people do have.

Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp’s biggest rival, which doesn’t need any manual backup or drive integration to transfer data, WhatsApp solely relies on online backup to restore or transfer data.

The popular method used by most people to restore or transfer WhatsApp data is the use of the official WhatsApp backup integration, Google drive.

But what if you don’t use Google Drive, or you don’t want to spend data on uploading to google drive? Is there any other way to transfer WhatsApp data or even restore chats?

Well, Yes and we’re going to uncover all the basic steps to attain this.

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How To Transfer WhatsApp Data to a New Phone Without Google Drive Backup

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Transferring WhatsApp data without Google drive backup or even staying online might seem impossible. But Surprisingly, it’s possible.

I’ve compiled 4 basic steps to best perform this task. – just sit tight, as I do the magic

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1 Create A Local Backup directly from WhatsApp

Firstly you will need to create a backup file that you can copy and paste when you’ll need to restore or transfer your WhatsApp data.

To do this, head over to the WhatsApp app. Click on the more options button, which is a 3-dot menu icon, then tap on the settings button. After doing this navigate to chats>chat backup then click on the backup.

2. Save The Backup File 

If you just performed this task above, you’ll notice that a file will be added to your phone storage. This file, the backup file, can be found in the WhatsApp database folder.

To access this file, you’ll need to use a file manager app to navigate to Android > Media > com. WhatsApp > WhatsApp, then click on Database

To Save the backup file, you’ll need to copy the “database” folder and paste it somewhere safe. Preferably, you can compress it.

If you would like to save all of your WhatsApp files including your stickers, images, videos, and others it’s ideal you save the WhatsApp folder as a whole.

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3. Transfer the WhatsApp Backup To Your New Phone.

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After storing your Whatsapp folder in a safe place on your older phone, you can head over to transfer the folder to your new phone. You can do this by using any wireless technology-connected platforms around you such as WiFi and Bluetooth.

Xender, SHAREit, Zapya, SuperBeam, WeTransfer are popular apps which you can use to perform WiFi transfer. Personally, I prefer you make use of Xender.

4.  Import the Whatsapp Backup On your New Phone.

After following the aforementioned steps, the next thing on your mind would be importing the backup data. 

To do this, roll back to your file manager and copy the backup file (WhatsApp database) from the storage folder of the Wifi transfer app. Then head over to Android > Media > com. WhatsApp, then paste. Make sure you’ve installed WhatsApp on the new phone before performing this step.

And that’s it, you’re done!

Weighing It Up

While this might not be the only method to backup WhatsApp data without Google drive, this is the best and most secure method.

Many sites out there would introduce you to third-party apps and sites which would easily do this. But it’s important to note that by using these third-party apps/ sites you’re giving them access to your WhatsApp chat history and as a result, increasing your WhatsApp chances of vulnerability.

Emmanuel Sunday is a Nigerian, more described as jack of all trades, he is a marketer, tech enthusiast, Blogger, Seo expert, youtuber and a web developer. He writes articles relating to tech, web development, marketing and lots more.


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