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How to hide your images and videos using the locked folder feature in google photos (Step by step)

Google (Android) has always been on the hassle to increase privacy and security levels to be able to match up with its major rival, Apple. In seeking to achieve this, the company has rolled out several security features including the Locked folder features for Google photos.

Google introduced the Locked folder features for Google photos earlier in May. As announced, the feature is made available for Google Pixel phones and would be added, subsequently, to other Android phones as well as iPhones.

With this feature, users are allowed to step up and tighten their private life using google photos. The Locked folder feature comes up with a whole new security level for Google photos. Google Users can now store their photos and videos in a private protected area using either password, pin, fingerprint, face unlock or the default security unlock settings on your phone.

In addition, users won’t be able to access media stored on the platform or any other media platform if the locked folder remains locked. Likewise, media stored in the locked folder won’t show up in the Google Photos grid, recollections, searches, or even albums.

Well, if you are fascinated by this feature, just keep reading as we unravel the ways to set up the Locked folder feature for Google photos.

Before proceeding, it’s worth noting that the locked folder feature is not currently available for Androids and iPhones excluding Google’s pixels. Google’s Pixel 3 and higher models are the only smartphones eligible.

If your device is eligible, the caveat here is to get your Google photo updated to the latest version on the play store. Also, You’ll need to make sure your phone has a screen lock before you can set up your Locked Folder. This might be a pattern, pin, or password.

How To Set up Locked Folder in Google’s Photo

If you’ve satisfied the aforementioned requirements, you can now move over to set up your Locked folder;

Step 1: Launch Google’s Photo App and navigate to the Library tab.

Step 2: At arrival, click on the button tagged “Utilities” then select “set up Locked folder”

Step 3: You’ll notice the appearance of a new screen showing the characteristics of the Locked folder. Likewise, tap “set up Locked folder” then proceed to add all images you need to keep private.

Step 4: Finally, you can now lock the “Locked Folder” using your preferred security options such as Pin, Pattern, Password, or even a biometric security option like Fingerprint.

Where to find Pictures in your locked folder?

Media stored on the Locked folder will only be accessible via the locked folder on Google’s photo. As a matter of fact, they’ll be not visible even when using other gallery applications.

In addition, media stored in the locked folder won’t show up in the Google Photos grid, recollections, searches, or even albums.

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