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How To Remove Makeup: Follow these 7 simple steps

Makeup is so much fun to apply and it serves as a creative outlet for many people. It is worn daily or occasionally at special events, depending on the needs and desires of every user. However, the toughest step is not an application; it is to remove makeup after a long day. Every woman knows the struggle of scrubbing her face vigorously in the futile attempt to remove makeup. It refuses to come off and if left on for a long period of time, it can cause acne and pimples.

Most of you out there have probably put a lot of thought and energy into how to remove makeup efficiently. You must have discussed this with your friends, dermatologists, or even makeup artists. This post will give you easy steps to remove makeup so that you won’t ever face this dilemma again.

Here are 7 simple steps to remove makeup:

1. Start slow and make sure you take your time

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Removing makeup is a time-consuming process, even if you are using the most efficient methods and techniques. Don’t rush yourself unnecessarily because the consequences of not removing it properly are very harsh. Especially for eye makeup, you should go slower. Apply the makeup remover and let it sit. The makeup remover will soften the mascara, liner, and eye shadow so that it becomes easier to remove. Give it 5 minutes and then wipe using tissue paper or a makeup wipe. This will make sure that you do not have any black smudges around your eyes the next day. Don’t rub roughly because the skin around your eyes is very delicate and sensitive. Instead, perform a soft circular motion with your fingers on and around your eye.

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2. Always pick soap and water over makeup wipes

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Makeup wipes are looked at as a very easy and convenient way to remove makeup. It doesn’t require any hassle or much effort and can be used anywhere. So most women do the obvious and remove take-off makeup with just these wipes. However, this isn’t enough. Always wash your face with soap and water. Makeup wipes are supposed to be used before washing your face with a good quality facial cleanser. Makeup clogs your pores and it is not possible to thoroughly clean your face by using only wipes. If you don’t wash your face you won’t be able to remove the makeup residue left behind. On moisturizing as a part of your nighttime skincare routine, you will only make the situation worse. This can result in pimples and blackheads.

3. Use a face wash which is made to remove makeup

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Most women tend to use general face cleansers because this is very easy and convenient. However, if you want to remove makeup effectively, you should invest in a face wash especially made to remove makeup. If you think yours isn’t good enough for this task, try a cleansing oil. The oil-based facial cleansers work miracles for makeup removal. It is a basic scientific law: oil dissolves in oil. This cleanser will serve as a binding agent for the makeup in your skin and will wash it off completely. Some popular oil cleansers include the Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and La Mer The Cleansing Oil.

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4. Always check the edges of your eyelid

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One spot on the face which is often missed while removing makeup is the edge of the eyelid. Here, mascara and liner can build up over time if it is not cleaned properly. This can cause eye irritation, leading to an eye infection. If you use a liner very often, make sure you get every little bit out of this edge. Use a cotton swab dipped in oil. The oil will break down the makeup and help you remove it easily. You don’t have to harshly scrub this sensitive area. For big chunks of mascara, don’t pull at your lashes because that can cause breakage. Use a sufficient amount of makeup remover and a cotton pad to remove the clumps slowly.

5. Tie your hair up so that you can clean the makeup on your hairline

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After a fun night out, most of us are too tired to even wash our face, forget about tying our hair up before. But this is an important step that you shouldn’t skip because you can miss a lot of makeup around your hairline. This can cause pimples and acne on your forehead and near the sides of your face. Before washing the makeup off your face, make sure you tie your hair up with an elastic rubber band or push it back using a comfortable hairband. This extra step will save you weeks of obsessing over pimples on your forehead.

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6. Go for cotton pads over cotton balls

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Cotton balls are not as good as flat cotton pads to remove makeup. Cotton balls cannot remove the makeup residue; moreover, it leaves behind cotton fibers which leads to inflammation. Try to use quilted or textured cotton pads. You can use any type of makeup pad even if they are cheap drugstore ones because they work just as well. Some women prefer hand-woven Japanese cotton pads, which are expensive and made of good quality cotton. These don’t leave any cotton fibers behind in the skin pores and clean them thoroughly. Some women have even described these as ‘little pillows’, which are soft on their skin.

7. Moisturize after makeup removal

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It is very important to moisturize and hydrate your face after you remove the makeup. Removing makeup using wipes and a makeup remover will also strip it of its natural oils. Your skin and lips will become dry. So after removing makeup, always use a lip balm and an eye cream. You can use a face cream with a cream or oil base. Some famous face creams are Kiehls and Lotus.

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These small steps can make this tedious process very easy. Now you will never break out after a long day of heavy makeup, and your skin will be glowing and healthy! Remove your makeup carefully and take care of your skin.

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