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How to Search Gmail by Date to find old mails

Here’s a detailed guide on how to search gmail by date.

Ever wanted to search for a message on Gmail, but you were limited by the absence of the filter feature? 

Well, you’re not alone!

Gmail has always had one major downside and that’s the filter feature. Because of this, several users tend to have issues navigating old emails. But do you know that you can actually make a Gmail search and filter the dates to better find the email you’re looking for?

Well, here in this article is a comprehensive guide on how to search by date on Gmail.

How to Search For Emails Before and After a Certain date

To do this, open your Gmail and login into your account. Afterward, click on the search bar.

To search for emails after a certain date, you’ll need to use this format “after:YYYY/MM/DD“. Take, For instance, you want to locate emails received from November down, use this format “after:2021/11/01“.

How to Search Gmail by Date

Likewise, to search for emails before a certain date, you’ll still follow the same rules– “before:YYYY/MM/DD“.

How to Search For Emails In Between Dates

If you are looking for more specific emails ranging between close dates then the aforementioned method might not just help matters. Searching for emails between two dates should be a better option If you would like to dig deeper.

To do this, roll back to the search bar and make use of this format “after:YYYY/MM/DD before:YYYY/MM/DD“.

How to Search For Gmails In Between Dates

So, For instance, if you want to locate emails sent throughout September 2021, you’ll will need to search for “after:2021/08/31 before:2021/10/01“.

How To Search for Emails Using relative dates.

If the email sought is recent or you can’t fully remember the date of the email in question, then this approach would work better for you.

Here, you’ll make use of relative terms like “older than 2 years”, newer than 1 week, etc.

For example, searching for the term, “older_than:7d“, will show a list of emails older than 7 days. On the other hand, “newer_than:3m” will show a list of emails less than 3 months old.

As we did in section 2, we can also combine these two terms to make a more explicit search. 

So, searching for the term “older_than:7d” “newer_than:3m” will show a list of emails older than 7 days and less than 3 months old.

How To Narrow Your Date Search With Keywords

Finally, you may drill down even further by looking for emails with keywords. The use of keywords like document, invoice, attachment, names would help provide a better search result .

Take, for instance, you’re searching for an email with an invoice embedded in it. Using the format “after:YYYY/MM/DD before:YYYY/MM/DDinvoice” will help search for emails that are located within the data set and have the keywords, invoice.

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Weighing It Up

In general, Gmail’s search function is an excellent one. Once you’ve just figured out the right syntax for your search, finding your old emails won’t be a problem anymore.

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