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iOS 15 hidden features for developers (2021)

Some of the best Apple iPhone features in 2021 you might not have discovered. Whenever it comes to the iPhone we all know that it has lots of unique features. Recently Apple has launched iOS 15 in the market. Here are some unique iOS 15 hidden features which you will discover when you will update your iPhone. In this update, Apple has added some really cool features such as separation alert, focus mode, and background sound.

1. Directly Access Spotlight search from your lock screen

If you have lots of iOS applications installed on your iPhone it becomes a time taking task to find the applications on your phone. To overcome this most often we use Spotlight search to find the apps directly. The new update regarding the spotlight search in 2021 is that now you can directly access it even if your device is locked. On your lock screen, just swipe down to see the list of suggested apps along with the search bar at the top.

This is not enough this time in addition they have also added a unique feature. Users can now delete the applications from their spotlight search. Just hold on to any applications using spotlight search and you will have the delete option.

2. Quick tab switcher in Safari browser

There were a lot of controversies regarding the safari’s web design in apple iOS 15. It will be very convenient if you are using the max variant of, I phone. This new update will let you switch between the tabs with just a swipe. You can swipe quickly on the tab bar to switch between the different tabs on your iPhone. Remember: This swipe feature will not work on your device if you will choose the old traditional single tab view.

3. Monitor app activity on your iPhone

Apple’s brand new iOS 15 has a unique feature, App Privacy Report inside it which allows the users to monitor the apps if they are violating any of the privacy terms and conditions. It will be a milestone from the point of view of Privacy as it allows the users to record when apps are using your microphone, Location, Camera, and many more. Once a week, the users will get a detailed report about all the activities and they can easily figure out if any apps are violating the terms and conditions. This is really a very cool feature.

4.  An alert sound for microphone muting

During calls very often we need to mute and unmute ourselves. In the previous versions, there were not many options of sound notifications for this, but in the new update, Apple has introduced a very unique feature that the users can easily figure out from the notification sound. The users will get to hear a small notification sound that they have been successfully muted. This feature is definitely going to help iOS users to keep away from minor embarrassments during calls.

5. Protect your Mail Activity by blocking tracking pixels

Very often it has been seen that the companies use protruding practices to check when and where you are opening your emails. The companies mostly track these data by tracking pixels embedded in the mails which reveals a lot of important information about the users. Apple has successfully overcome this in the new update of Apple iOS 15 it will allow the users to stop such kinds of headaches by enabling mail privacy protection. According to apple mail, privacy protection works by hiding your IP address and privately loads remote content in the background, even if you don’t check the message. This makes it really hard for the sender to monitor your activity.

6. Copy text directly from images.

Apple iOS 15 gives us a unique feature to copy text from the images directly. Very often we need to type the texts from the images or screenshots. In that situation either we go for google lens or hunt for good OCR apps on iPhone. This feature works excellent with almost all types of images, provided the text is readable.

7.  Use apple Siri without internet

Suppose you are stuck in a remote place without internet connectivity, there apple Siri can help you to execute certain commands. Siri won’t be able to get the information directly from the internet, but you would be able to perform some basic essential settings which required internet on the previous version of iOS. According to Apple iOS 15 allows you to set up timers and alarms, will be able to call or text people, launch basic apps, control the audio playback, and will be able to play with certain settings even without being connected.

8. Reorder your iPhone home screen

If you don’t want the current order of your home screen and you want to bring some variations. Apple iOS 15 allows you to change it very easily. For achieving this all you have to do is that hold the screen until all the icons tarts jiggling. Next tap on the horizontal row of dots placed just above the dock. you can now see all of the home screens on your iPhone, and you can drag the home screens around to reorder them. For hiding a home screen by tapping on the checkmark below its thumbnail. To delete a home screen, untick it first and then quickly tap on the minus icon on the top left corner of its thumbnail.

9. Track who changed what in notes

If you are using Apple’s stock notes application, you will be able to find out who has made changes. To do that open my shared note app and quickly tap on three dots on the top right corner of the screen, next select Show note Activity to view all the changed logs. The most important feature of this update is that you will be able to see that who changed what in your device.

10. Notification summary in iOS 15

If you are totally frustrated by the push notifications, and you don’t have an option to disable the notifications permanently on your phone, iOS 15 has a solution to it called Notification Summary which allows you to get a summary of all the specified apps at a specific time during the day. This really helps you to get rid of non-urgent alerts that you can view later on when you are free. To set it up just go to Settings next click on Notifications > Scheduled Summary and then set it up.

11.   Bookmarks, History, Reading List, and Customize start page in Safari

Safari on iPhone lets you customize the start page provided you have updated it to the latest version of iOS i.e., iOS 15. To customize the start page, you need to follow the following steps.

Steps to customize your safari start page: –

1.  Open a new safari page

2.  Next Tap on the two square icon

3.  Now Tap the + icon in the bottom corner

4.  Now finally swipe to the very bottoms and tap EDIT



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