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Easy ways How to mass delete emails on Gmail

A few days ago I received a notification from Gmail, it said that my Gmail is 95% full so I need to clear some space. I thought that it was impossible as I was thinking that Google might be providing unlimited space for Emails. On doing a lot of research on the internet I came to know that I was completely wrong. Moreover, I also discovered that I had been using my Gmail since 2007 and I have never deleted any unnecessary Emails before. So if you are in the same boat, here are really quick steps to mass delete Emails on Gmail.

Steps to Mass delete Emails on Gmail :

Image showing how to delete emails from gmail in bulk
delete bulk emails from gmail

In the top search bar type “Label:all mail” now click on the search bar icon next to it. This will open the list of all the Emails. Now below the search bar where you have written the command, you have the options of different filters. You can choose between the date to delete the Emails or you can also choose to delete the Emails sent by a particular mail id by applying the various filters. 

Gmail dashboard image
Image of the gmail dashboard

Once you have applied the filters and have narrowed down the parameters you can check the box to select all the mails as shown in the screenshot above. Remember to check the list carefully of the Emails you are deleting, because once deleted they can be reverted back. If you have certain important Emails make sure to uncheck those before going for the bulk delete action. A general situation may arise where you have more than 50 mails, Now a general question arises how to delete those. Then simply click on  “select all conversations that match this search” this will select all the Emails which are not displayed on the first page. Now click on the trash button. Your job is done, this is the simplest process mass delete Emails on Gmail.



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