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10 Nail-Art Designs That Look Great On Shorter Nails

Coloring your nails and nail -art designs are a fun way to spice up your look but a lot of people avoid it because they don’t want to keep their nails long. Long nails interfere with daily tasks and can be a source of great annoyance. They don’t let you type, open doors or even do laundry without a struggle. It all gets so much worse and painful when you try to do these activities, only to end up breaking a nail.

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Shorter nails are very beneficial and this is the biggest reason why women with shorter nails avoid nail-art design. Well, I am here to tell you that you do not have to do it anymore. You can embrace nail-art designs in all their beauty; you just have to pick the right ones! Here are my favorite nail-art designs that you can try this year.

10 nail-art designs that look great on shorter nails-

1. Tortoiseshell

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This is a simple nail-art design technique that looks cute and sophisticated. In fact, one can easily achieve these statement nails at home with the right nail colors and a thin paintbrush. First apply the base color after ensuring that it is lighter than the colors you have paired with it. Then use a thin paintbrush to add some spots. These should resemble the vague designs on a tortoiseshell. Cover this with a transparent coat and let it dry.

2. Cow print

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Who hasn’t seen the cow print nails on some of the biggest stars in the industry? It has been tried and tested by Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande, and is the perfect match for a simple outfit. Although it is usually performed on long nails, it is easier on shorter nails because you have to cover less area. For this design paint your nail base white. Add some black spots and try to make it as realistic as those on a cow.

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3. Gold lines

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Here’s another simple design, which can actually make your nails look longer. It is an elegant nail-art design, which goes with a lot of dresses and occasions. Just choose a darker shade for the base, and paint a gold line along the centre. Be precise with the paintbrush or it can come out very messy. You can substitute the gold nail paint with any other metallic color of your choice.

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4. Negative space

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Sometimes less is more and negative space can have a better effect than fully colored nails. For this nail-art design you only add a design to your nail without any base coat. Use bright colors which will make this design pop. You can paint flowers, dots, plants or more, according to what you desire. These nails are easy to maintain as compared to fully colored. Add a transparent polish on top and you are good to go!

5. Star signs

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Combine nail art and astrology has been a very big trend recently. It is a little bit more on the complex side, but you can easily achieve it with a steady hand and a thin paintbrush. The idea of a beautiful constellation on your fingernail is very sophisticated. First paint the base a uniform black. Use a thin paintbrush with white nail paint to add the details of the constellations and the stars. Feel free to experiment with this and make it as symbolic as you like.

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6. Reverse French manicures

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A fun way to spice up a French manicure is to reverse it. This looks especially good on shorter nails. For this look choose a neutral base color. Apply this over your nail, but leave a crescent shaped cutout near the starting edge of your nail. You can fill this in with some bright color like neon or you can even add some glitter.

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7. Sparkle everywhere

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Add some crystals to your nails will make them shine and elevate the look of your nails. All you need is nail glue and some small crystals. However if you have shorter nails, you might not have enough space to apply as many as you want. So for certain occasions, go ahead and glue some crystals onto your fingers, starting from the base of your nail bed. This will make your whole hand look stunning and is sure to get you a lot of compliments at any event you attend.

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8. Neon tips

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Neon tips are suitable for shorter nails since they add a bold pop of color. Long nails with neon tips seem very excessive due to the large area covered by the neon color. For this nail-art design all you need to do is to apply a thin line of neon nail paint at the edge of your nail. These bright colors should be used judiciously so that you appear bold.

9. Dark shades

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Usually people tend to avoid dark nail paints because they believe it doesn’t look glamorous enough. However dark nails like blacks and browns have become extremely trendy. They look good on all types of nails, including shorter ones. If you want you can also add an accent nail to your dark nails, which can be colorful or have glitter. This nail-art design is very easy to achieve and can be performed by a beginner.

10. Ombre nails

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The ombre effect is a trend that hasn’t left mainstream media in years. Although it is a little difficult to do perfectly, you can achieve it with sufficient practice. All you need to do is to pick the combination of colors for your ombre. Some popular color combinations include red to pink, purple to blue, yellow to orange etc. For this design you will need a sponge. Apply the two contrasting colors to the ends of your nails. At the middle where they meet, use the sponge to blend them together. Try to avoid any harsh lines because they spoil the overall look off the ombre. Apply a top transparent coat to finish off this statement look.

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The above nail-art designs prove that growing out your nails is not a necessity. You can have a wide variety of designs that suit your nails perfectly. So go ahead and experiment with all the options and achieve the gorgeous look you desire!

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