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Winter Hair Care: Try These 6 Tips For Luscious Locks This Cold Season

Winter is that lovely time of the year when the freezing temperatures outside give you the perfect excuse to curl up comfortably in your blanket at home. You can enjoy good book or a cute Christmas movie with a mug of hot cocoa in your hand. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Now take a moment and think about what your hair will go through in these cold months. Thereby highlighting the importance of winter hair care.

The cold temperatures make your scalp flaky and your hair prone to breakage. It’s very important to utilize a suitable winter hair care routine. Winter hair care cannot only protect your hair but it can improve its quality. Follow my tips to make this the most wonderful time of the year.

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6 Winter Hair Care Tips for Luscious Locks:

1. Apply hair oil to moisturize your hair

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In the cold your scalp will become dry because of the lack of humidity. It is necessary to replenish the moisture in your scalp or suffer from the harsh reality of dandruff. Hair oil can help you avoid these problems, and can moisturize your scalp and hair shafts. Opt for a coconut oil, which can be found in any general store. The most popular one is Parachute Coconut Oil. Generously take some product in your hand. Apply it to the scalp and massage it into the roots. This will increase blood circulation and improve hair growth. After this, apply it on the hair shaft in order to repair any pre-existing damage due to heat or hair dye. Keep this in your hair for an hour and then wash it off. Your hair will feel softer, stronger and more luscious.

2. Don’t wash your hair often in the winter

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You should not wash your hair very often in the winter months. This is because a head wash causes the loss of natural oils from your scalp which keep it hydrated. Washing your hair strips your scalp and makes it dry and flaky. Only wash when you think your hair really needs a deep cleaning. Do not wash your hair more than twice a week. When you want to wash your hair, choose a mild and sulphate free shampoo or a natural herbal one. Some shampoos that will keep your hair healthy and fresh are Ouai Hair Cleanser and Bread Beauty Supply.

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3. Avoid heat styling tools strictly

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The cold in winters makes your hair very delicate. Therefore it is very important that you avoid heat styling tools like a blow dryer, hair straightener or curler. If you use these they will cause heat damage and hair loss. Love your hair as it is, in its natural and unaltered form. If you wash it, let it air dry. The main idea is to keep as much moisture in your hair and scalp as possible, and these tools suck it out.

4. Condition your hair as often as you can

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During the winter months, hair conditioner is your best friend. Usually we get lazy after shampooing and skip the conditioner in order to save time. However this error should never be made in the cold. Conditioner restores hydration to your hair and makes it soft and silky. Use a thick and creamy conditioner with essential oils and butters, which will leave your tresses bouncy and clean. After shampooing your hair, apply some conditioner from the middle of the hair shaft to its ends. Be extremely generous at the ends because they tend to be dry and frizzy. Leave the conditioner in your hair for 25-30 minutes. Then rinse it out with some cold water.

You can further condition your hair by applying a weekly hair mask. The hair mask should be rich in proteins so that it can be utilized for any breakage or repair in the hair strands. Use masks rich in eggs and honey because they have proven hair growth and conditioning effects. Some popular masks used by numerous people around the world are Kaya and L’Oreal Professional.

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5. Protect your hair

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It is very important to cover your hair when you step out in the cold. Your hair weakens when exposed to extreme weather conditions and is prone to breakage. Use a comfortable hat, scarf or a hoodie to keep it covered. If there’s too much friction in the items you are using, try to get them altered according to your needs.

You must also protect your hair from static. Static hair is caused due to friction as well as lack of moisture. It makes your hair frizzy and crinkly. To fix this use a vented hairbrush which has special bristles. It can also be corrected by applying an ample amount of conditioner to your hair. For quick fixes in public places, you can use anti-fizz hair wipes.

6. Trim regularly

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The cold winter air can cause split ends and hair loss. It is necessary to get rid of the dry ends of your hair at regular intervals. You should trim your hair every one or two months without fail. Your hair will grow back lush and beautiful.

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These are my top 6 tips for winter hair care. You will now be able to celebrate the happy festivals of Christmas and New Year’s in style, without worrying about your hair. If you notice any major changes in the health of your hair or huge amounts of hair loss (more than 200 strands a day), be sure to contact a doctor. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Winter hair care kits are available online which have products specifically suited towards the cold weather. It is not an expensive investment, but it is surely worth it. The winter hair care kits are offered by Mama Earth, mCaffeine etc.

Don’t ignore your luscious locks in the cold weather or continue with your usual routine. Your hair is very special and beautiful and it deserves that extra amount of care and attention. You’ve got this!



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